England’s Victorian period, named for the time of Queen Victoria’s reign (1837-1901), was characterized by dramatic changes, including a shift from an economy based on land ownership to a more modern urban economy based on trade and manufacturing. There was the Industrial Revolution, challenges to religious faith, advances in science, and the changing roles of women. Overall, Victorian England was a time of peace, prosperity, social and technological advances, and sophisticated sensibilities. Victorian poetry reflected this through its interest in visual descriptions, chivalry and nobility, genteel manners, and social norms and practices.

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Alfred Lord Tennyson 1809-1892 Victorian
Algernon Charles Swinburne 1837-1909 Victorian
Christina Rossetti 1830-1894 Victorian
George Meredith 1828-1909 Victorian
Edward Lear 1812-1888 Victorian
Gerard Manley Hopkins 1844-1889 Victorian
Lewis Carroll 1832-1898 Victorian
Robert Bridges 1844-1930 Victorian