by John Paul, 18 
Paramus Catholic High School, 
Hasbrouk Heights, New Jersey


There the boy sits alone, crying over a word
There trying his best to block out their teasing; oh how he wished he had not heard
There he first saw, the one he loved; betraying the law of his Lord
There they first locked lips, uniting with the one he adored
There his parents sat, ashamed of the man they once called their own
There the bags waited, packed outside the place he once called home
There the strangers beat him down; smashed into the grey wall
There he hated this curse, crying out for the end of it all
There they first met, reviving his broken soul and heart a new
There the storm ended, and that colorful spectrum was now in full view
There they gathered to fight for the right to simply be the man inside
There the two walked holding hands, no need for them to hide
There is the place where he knew that their bond would an eternity last
There his heart felt finally free, liberated from the ignorance of the past
There the two lovers cheered for progress, knowing their day was near.
There is the place we will change for the better, but we all must start with here.

Written in Response to “Here” by Arthur Sze