Poet-to-Poet Poems

For our education project, Poet-to-Poet, launched during National Poetry Month 2014, we produced videos of seven award-winning poets who serve on the Academy of American Poets Board of Chancellors: Juan Felipe Herrera, Edward Hirsch, Jane Hirshfield, Naomi Shihab Nye, Rob Padgett, Arthur Sze, and Anne Waldman. We then invited young people in grades 3-12 to write poems in response to a Chancellor poem of their choosing. By the end of April we had received over a thousand submissions. What follows is a group of poems selected from schools across the country. 

Poet-to-Poet Student Poems

"A Memory of Kenneth Martin" by Jarin, 13

"America's Laboring" by Michelle, 11

"Awoken" by Nicholas, 17

"Break Fast" by Chris, 18

"Cinqueterre" by Elena, 13

"Eagle" by Hassan, 16

"Five Directions to My House" by Alec, 12

"Five Minutes to My House" by Ilyssa, 18

"Flight" by Isaac

"Hermit. Crab." by Sajita, 17

"House" by Rachel, 15

"Human" by Skyler

"I'm Not Doing That" by Aniyah

"Lion o Lion" by Morgen, 9

"My Foot" by Elaina, 9

"My Heart" by Julia, 17

"Not Scared of the Whale" by Som, 11

"Nothing in That Drawer, Part 2" by Katherine, 17

"Now" by Lillian Rose, 6

"Ode to My Lizard" by Amélie, 8

"On Becoming" by Mikaella, 16

"Peace" by Mason, 8

"Poems" by Mallory, 9

"Redfish Lake" by Madison, 18

"Six Trials to the Sanctuary" by Matthew, 17

"Something in That World" by Molly, 14

"Swift Shot" by Kyna, 16

"The Blue Crayon Child" by Hannah, 15

"The Blue Whale" by Claire, 11

"The Chance" by Sihyun, 13

"The City" by Danielle, 18

"The Final Last Breath" by Nile, 12

"The Forest of Owls" by Anushka, Sixth grade

"The Fox" by Zeynep, 15 

"The Impeccable Souffle" by Sanddhya, 14

"The Owl: Shakespearian Sonnet" by Eric

"The Robin" by Mannix, 7

"The Spider Web" by AJ, 13

"The Stream" by Avery, 13 

"There" by John Paul, 18

"There" by Mia, 9

"Things That I Hide/Are Hidden" by Charlotte, 15

"Tree/Victory" by Katherine, 16

[untitled] by Shamaine, 17

[untitled] by Ian

[untitled] by Conor

"Where are the Skunks in Tacos?" by Jack, Jackie, Arush and Aneesh, Seventh grade

"Wind" by Jade, 13

National Student Poets

National Student Poets Aline Dolinh, Sojourner Ahebee, Michaela Coplen, Nathan Cummings, and Louis Lafair (pictured above, left to right) wrote the following poems in response to the Poet-to-Project. 

by Michaela Coplen
"Skeleton's Divorce"
by Nathan Cummings

"The Eternal Protagonist" 
by Louis Lafair

"Twelve Temporal Directions to a Home"
y Aline Dolinh
"valentine or Sally Hemings"
by Sojourner Ahebee



We invited 826 National to participate in the Poet-to-Poet Project, and select chapters worked with their students to write the following poems. 

"Directions Home" by Summer, 9
"Dogs or Cats" by Leyla, 9
"Hide Your Fear" by Charlie, 10
"Four Directions to the Zoo" by Lizbeth, 10
"Six Ways to the Sky" by Leyla, 9
"The Man" by Miriam, 11 
[untitled] by Miriam, 11 
[untitled] by Edison, 7
[untitled] b
Emtinan, 13
[untitled] by Charlie, 10